Why Qualephy

Educational Institute and Organizations

We Elevate Your Organization’s & Student’s Credibility and Competency

QualEphy enables organizations to award student digital credentials that are immutable and their verification can be done instantaneously in a decentralized manner with complete trace ability for the issuing organization, student and the verifier. The secured digital processes enable a high level of efficiencies for all stakeholders in the digital issuance and verification chain and lowers the cost & time required for verification.

Elevate Branding

Promote and market your organization, student achievements, program offerings and success,


Increase Operational Efficiency

Intuitively create, manage and verify credentials easily in a secure and scalable way.

Fraud Protection

Tamper proof blockchain solution that protects and secures your brand

Raise Credibility

Trustworthy, transparent and immutable digital credentials with complete traceability

Real Time Trend Insights

Gain analytical information on your credentialing and verification details.

High Profitability

Smart digital credentials is new revenue streams and increases lead generation.

Save Time, Resources and Investment. QualEphy Reduces Your Bottom-Line Credentialing costs

Bring more value to your students and your university. QualEphy has bridged the gap between the paper and the paperless certificate world. Now it’s your turn.

Professionals & Students

Turn your achievements into oppurtunity.

  • Own your awards and certificates in blockchain.
  • Accrve, optimise and use your lifelong achievement effectively.
  • Share your achievement with anyone and anytime.
  • Get verified instantaneously.
  • Land on your ideal Job and oppurtunity much faster than others.
Recruiters, Companies and Agencies
Instantaneously verify and confidently hire the 'right' candidates easily.

Easily to verify achievements, experiences and skills of candidate.

Reduces cost and impact of bad hires.

Increase company productivity.

We help organizations transform the way they issue credentials. Want to learn more? We'd love to talk to you!