Digital Credential

Issue Digital Credentials

Get a complete system to issue branded academic, non-academic and professional digital credentials in a blockchain-secured format that is easily shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.

Simple Dashboard

Easily manage all credentials in one centralized, secure platform. Concerned with privacy? QualEphy takes care of it: our system has been designed to meet the highest standards in terms of privacy and data control.


Template Designer

QualEphy is fully customizable. Easily import or design your branded templates for any official documents: diplomas, degrees, certificates, transcripts, professional experience, certified statements, etc.

Credential Issuance

Seamless integration with existing database records and perform automated bulk issuance for any number recipients, document types and departments within your organization.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor credentialing trend and keep track of how your certified credentials are used, verified, by whom, and some key metrics about how they generate click-through traffic to your own website.


Smart way to efficiently design, send and manage your certificates

Built to help organizations like yours to create, issue and manage branded academic and professional credentials more easily and efficiently.

Diplomas, Degrees & Certificates

Reward accomplishment with branded digital scrolls that recipients can easily hold on their phone and share online. This raises awareness of your programs and makes applying for subsequent opportunities easy. These official documents may be enhanced with metadata of your choosing and are fully machine readable.


Give learners their official transcript in a blockchain-secured digital format they can share and have verified anywhere. These data-rich records will be highly utilized when moving between schools, applying for further education, and even applying for jobs.

Professional Experience

Issue your employees their official employment record with essential details of their position and experience on blockchain. These records make employment verification quick and easy for recruiters and companies to hire the right candidate.

Empower Your  Student

Issue offical credentials in a digital format that students can share and have verified anywhere. Diplomas, degrees, transcripts and official letters  all contribute to a lifelong record of learning and achievement.
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